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  1. Develop SMART-SLEUTH, an advanced spatially explicit modeling framework designed to augment the current SLEUTH model with sophisticated smart-growth capabilities.
  2. Create and maintain an open-source, GIS-enabled software package to implement SMART-SLEUTH with tools that facilitate the evaluation, prediction, and visualization of impacts of smart growth outcomes.
  3. Conduct scenario analyses to assess the impacts of smart-growth practices in the entire South Atlantic region.


Smart-growth policies and practices hold great potential for resolving conservation-development conflicts, promoting quality of lie, and provisioning sustainable ecosystem services. This project is to develop SMART-SLEUTH, and advanced spatially explicit modeling framework based on an open-source software package.

Figure 1. Framework of Smart-Sleuth

Study Area

Figure 2. Study area of Smart-Sleuth

GIS Input Layers for Study Area (click to download)

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