CAGIS Virtual Seminar, Thurs Nov. 11, 1:00 PM: Hurricane Impact Level Ranking System

Dr. Stephanie Pilkington describes her work translating hurricane risk into more useful metric
Please join us this Thursday when Dr. Stephanie Pilkington discusses the proposed "Hurricane Impact Level Ranking System."
Dr. Pilkington is an Assistant Professor in Construction and Building Engineering here at Charlotte,. She is also a collaborator in our R1 nomination, "Geospatial Analytics for Healthy & Resilient Urban Systems" as well as a Lead PI for the R1 nomination, "Climate Change Discovery and Adaptation," both of which have made it through the first phase of evaluation.
Explicit in Dr. Pilkington's study is the understanding that "place matters." Whereas hurricanes are currently ranked by their wind speed, projections of destructive capacity are only implied, and are likely to vary widely as to where they come ashore, e.g. population centers or wild coastline. Missing is an easily understood index that can encompass both the physical aspects of the storm, but also the human assets in its path. The Hurricane Impact Level Ranking System aims to do just that, and uses an artificial neural network (ANN) model trained on historical patterns of impact to generate a multivariate assessment of risk and vulnerability.
Update: Find the recording of the Seminar at our YouTube channel: