CAGIS virtual seminar 11/11: NASA scientist Atticus Stovall explores forest structure with LiDAR

Please join us this Wednesday at 1:30 when we hear NASA scientist Atticus Stoval talk about new methods in measuring 3D forest structure using exciting tools like Terrestrial LiDAR!

Forests are known as the lungs of the Earth, at the front lines of climate change, while providing a litany of ecosystem services, natural resources, and habitat for species globally. We know where forests are on a two-dimensional map, but we know relatively little about how the three-dimensional architecture of trees and forests influence ecological processes. This talk will provide an overview how NASA is using cutting edge laser technology (LiDAR) to capture the 3D structure of trees and forests at a global scale. With these advances, NASA is building a foundation for understanding how the interaction of environment, structure, and function affect the forests we see across the globe.


Meeting link here: