CAGIS funded to help map COVID-19 in Mecklenburg County

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02/09/2022 CAGIS researchers have been awarded new funding from Mecklenburg County Health Department to help monitor the progress of COVID-19. The funded project is entitled “Analyzing samples of COVID-19 within Mecklenburg County”. Along with Drs. Cynthia Gibas, Jessica Schlueter, and Kevin Lambirth (all Bioinformatics), the project will focus on the sequencing and analysis of COVID-19 samples for Mecklenburg County. CAGIS will be in charge of conducting spatial statistical analysis of sample lab analysis results and developing Web GIS dashboard for the visual analytics of these results. 2022-2023, Mecklenburg County Health Department ($660,961). Analyzing samples of COVID-19 within Mecklenburg County, ($660,961), [PIs: Cynthia Gibas, Jessica Schlueter, Kevin Lambirth, Wenwu Tang]